Automatic insert molding systems design choices Note

Automatic insert molding systems design choices Note

1, the metal insert molding mold shrinkage prone to heterogeneity, should be done in advance important parts of the shape, dimensional accuracy of the limit test.

2, injection of metal embedded in the process of easy deformation and displacement, should take full account of the structure and easy to maintain the metal mold insert mold the shape of the design. The inserts can not change the shape of the product, prior testing is indispensable.

3 the arrangement of metal inserts separate occasions using conveyor, the metal inserts and the inserts and vibration between the ball contacts the surface of inserts will slightly damage, affect product quality. In advance to confirm the scope of permissible limits of its quality.

4, metal inserts shall be determined in advance because the stamping process caused by serrated warpage, material thickness difference, difference in diameter, the thickness of deposited gold due to poor processing. On the basis of the automated installation options for the design and mold construction design.

5, mold gate location methods, molding cycle, mold construction restricting the predictability of the matter, as far as possible to resolve or there is a corresponding improvement measures.

6, should recognize the need for preheating metal inserts or dried. Purpose is to ensure product quality and shape stability.

7, mold set up various testing devices in the mold to heat, force, vibration under the influence of environmental conditions to ensure stability by forming action, shall determine whether to use.

8, in order to avoid the metal insert, molded fine film deposited on the mold cavity, if necessary, can be assembled to air blowing device.

9, due to the high price of equipment investment system, to fully consider the possibility of using the former to ensure the running of the production equipment. Special occasions by machine, it is necessary to ensure that no form of updated products in the past few years the premise of continuous production.

10, adopt a common plane when the occasion required to confirm many varieties of small batch insert the number of combinations of production. If the whole mass production can not be guaranteed when the daily, each a product of the fixed assets of the recovery is difficult. In this case, to be replaced after a certain portion of the devices within the species adapted to update the requirements.

11, injection molding machine, injection molds, automation equipment and effective combinations and how to function in a short time, is to determine the automatic insert molding systems critical.

12, decided to insert molding rate, the cost of production and molding conditions of metal goods, precision inserts, insert shapes, molds are beneficial to insert molding and molding products and technologies and other factors shape decisions clever.

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