Design for Manufacturing

Injection molding your  plastic parts just got a whole lot easier.

  • Minimize Tooling Costs
  • Reduce Design Changes
  • Expedite the Manufacturing Process
  • Ensure Better Part Quality

Design for manufacturing Injection Molding

Design for Manufacturing, or DFM service that Xcentric provides to all of its customers free of charge.  At the time of quote your parts are ran through our DFM process.  Even More, our customers are experiencing tremendous cost saving by minimize tooling costs and design changes.  As a result, we are putting production parts in your hand faster than anyone else.

When you submit a quote for plastic injection molding we will provide you a detailed report that provides you important information about the design of your custom parts.  The DFM report highlights  potential problem areas noted by our experienced plastic sales engineers and tooling designers.  That means you have real eyes on your project.

It is also helpful to eliminate potential issues before the quote stage.  Use our extensive resources to help make your part ready for the injection molding process.  By following our online Design Guidelines your part is sure to be a success and the cost saving will be priceless.

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