Flow Analysis

Every part that is analyzed has a different set of constraints in the form of objectives, restrictions, and guidelines. These constraints must be taken into consideration when doing an analysis.

Will the part fill?
What material will work best for my part with regards to fill properties, i.e. pressure, shear stress, temperature distribution, etc.
What processing conditions should be used to mold this part?
Where should the gate be located?
How many gates are required?
Where will the weld lines be, and will they be of high quality?
Will there be any air traps?
How thick can the part be made?
Is the flow balanced within the part with the fixed gate location?
Are ribs too thin to fill completely?
Are ribs so thick that they shrink too much?
Can the part be packed out well enough?
Will this snap fit break during use?
Can the part be filled and packed in the press specified for the job?
Are the runners balanced?
What size do the runners need to be to balance the fill?
Is the runner volume as small as it can be?
Is the gate too big or too small?

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