Gate Location Analysis

Placing a gate correctly can be one of the most critical factors in determining the final quality of the part. The location of the gate may have many requirements and restrictions including part design, usage, aesthetics, and tool construction.

How to determine the gate location?
There are several considerations for determining the gate location for a part, including:
Place gates to achieve balanced filling.
Place gates to achieve unidirectional filling.
Place gates in thicker areas.
Place gates far from thin features.
Place gates against a wall to prevent jetting.
Place gates to prevent weld lines from:
Forming in weak regions of the part.
Forming where they will be visible.
Place additional gates as necessary to reduce pressure.
Place additional gates to prevent overpacking.
The type of tool being used.  Is it a 2 or 3-plate mold?
Hot or cold runners, or a combination?
The type of gate that is desired; edge, tunnel, etc.
Restrictions on gate location due to part function.

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