How To Learn Metal Stamping

Metal stamping or metalworking is a process where thin sheets of metals undergo different procedures such as bending, embossing and piercing in order to achieve certain images, letters or designs. Usually, metal stamping is done with a machine or a metal stamping tool. You can learn this art form on your own with just a few simple materials.

Learn the art of metal stamping by following the tips provided below:

Purchase metal stamping equipment. First you should have the right materials so that you can start metal stamping. There is plenty of equipment used for metal stamping. You will need a metal hole puncher, metal sheets, needle file, a small hammer, steel block and some stamps and a marker. These are some of the items you will need as a beginner. You can look for these from your local arts and crafts store or you can order a metal stamping kit online from or
Read and watch. If you purchased the metal stamping kit, you can read the instructions that came with it. These kits are mostly used by beginners just like you. They provide step-by-step instructions and tips on how you can start doing metal stamping. You can also check out online resources for video tutorials on metal stamping. This may be better since you can see how it is actually done.
Enroll in classes. Check local arts and crafts stores if they offer lessons in metal stamping. It will be better for you to enroll yourself in a class if you have the time and the budget since you will be able to learn some techniques that you can’t learn from anywhere else. It is good to see how the process is done to have a good idea on how the process works. If you find that you are good at metal stamping and you enjoy the art, you can purchase more tools and invest so that you can create various pieces.
Practice. The most important thing that you have to do is practice your craft. Metal stamping is not that easy. You may end up with pieces that are not perfect the first time you do it. As you practice and get used to stamping, you will get better at it. For practicing, you can purchase cheap metal sheets from your craft store and use them to practice controlling your hands when stamping. Once you get better, you can purchase better quality metals and even blank charms and pendants that you can use.
Other tools. There are other tools that you can use to enhance your creations. Use the metal hole puncher to put holes on the metal sheet. You can also use different colored markers so that you can change the color of the stamped image on the metal.

When you are already good in metal stamping, you can invest in more tools that you can use. You can create pendants, charms and other items that you can give as gifts for friends or another option is to open up a store or online store and sell your metal stamping creations.

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