What Is Metal Stamping

Stamped Shirt
Use stamps on a tee shirt to create all kinds of designs and write favorite sayings. Dip stamp shapes or letters into fabric paint and press them onto a clean tee shirt. Write something funny, inspiring, cool, thought-provoking–whatever you want. Use “puffy” fabric paint to trace your stamps in 3D when the stamped paint is completely dry.

Food Stamping
Create your own stamps out of fruits and veggies. Kids have a lot of fun with this and it requires very few materials. Cut an apple in half, dip the inside surface into some craft paint and press it onto paper. All of the seeds and the outline of the apple come through in the stamped image. Try the same process with other fruits and vegetables, like mushrooms, citrus fruits, cucumbers and watermelon, for starters.

Greeting Cards
Create homemade greeting cards that you decorate with stamps. Use a blank piece of card stock as your card. Fold it in half so that it opens like a traditional greeting card. Press a rubber stamp onto an ink pad and then press it onto the surface of your card. Design the front of the card with stamped letters and shapes; allow the ink to dry. Once the front of the card has dried, do the same with the interior.

Metal stamping occurs under a process that involves various machine parts working simultaneously. The machine press has two processes: the dies and punches. The die is a metallic tool mounted on the machine’s table. It shapes the design that is being stamped onto the sheet of metal. The punch is a carbine or steel tool that is also shaped in the design that is being stamped but is much smaller and capable of clearing space between the die and punch. The carbine is mounted on the head of the press machine and punches designs into the metal in a rapid downward motion. Craftsmen are important in the stamping process to supply precision in the designs. They do this by employing other processes such as jig boring, grinding, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and lapping machines.

Different techniques are used for specific jobs during metal stamping. This depends on the type of designs that are being punched into the sheet metal. Some of these techniques include deep-drawn stamping, which forms holes in parts of the sheet metal, and progressive die stamping, which rapidly designs small parts on sheets at the same time.

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