Plastics Processing insert molding processes

Insert into the mold forming means of the different materials prepared after the inserts into the resin, the melt solidified bonding material and inserts, made of molded construction method of integration products.

Substrate injection molding refers to the local board on metal injection molding parts embedded in the construction method. Its characteristics are as follows:

1, ease of molding of resin, metal bending rigidity, strength and heat resistance of each combination of added complexity and sophistication can be made of solid metal to plastic integrated products.

2, in particular the use of insulating resin and a combination of conductive metal, moldings made of electrical products to meet the basic function.

3, multiple insert the pre-forming composition, makes the product portfolio after the unit works whenever necessary.

4, insert product entirely limited to the metal, there are cloth, paper, wire, plastic, glass, wood, line rings of class, and other electrical components.

5, the rigid moldings, rubber seals on the flexural plate moldings through injection molding substrate made of integrated products, eliminating the need for sealing rings of the complex arrangement of work, so after the combination of process automation easier.

6, because the material is molten metal inserts in the joints, and pressed into shape Comparatively, metal inserts can be designed more narrow gap, forming composite products more reliable. .

7, select the appropriate resin and molding conditions, that is easy to Bian-shaped broken for products (such as glass, coil, electrical parts, etc.) can also be sealed by resin fixed.

8, select the appropriate mold structure, insert materials can also be completely enclosed in resin.

9, vertical injection molding machine with mechanical hand, insert the entire product series combination of devices, insert molding can achieve a large-scale automated production.

10, insert molding, after a deal to core hole can also be made into a hollow cavity Bands products.

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