Surface Finishes

No matter what kind of surface finish you desire, Xcentric will be sure to exceed your expectations.

Available Surface Finishes from Xcentric

  • B3 320 Paper
  • B2 400 Paper
  • MT-11020 Heavy Bead Blast
  • MT-11010 Light Bead Blast
  • A3 Smooth Finish
  • A2 Optical Smooth Finish

During the part design consider the relationship between cost, lead time and surface finish. Typically higher level finishes like A3 or A2 will increase the tooling cost significantly.

Surface finishes play a key role in both function as well as the look and feel.  Parts that are hidden in the assembly may not require a surface finish at all.  In contrast, exposed components might need to be visually appealing.

If your parts will not be visible in the end product a lower finish option is typically selected.

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