Technical Comparison of seven big countries die

Australia’s rapid economic development in recent years, but the next few years also continue to increase momentum. But as a basis for the mold manufacturing industry, especially the stamping die manufacturing capacity can not keep up economic development, this much-needed imports from abroad, stamping die manufacturing technology and capacity, and mold industry in China is just in this area have a greater advantage, market prospects. Detailed analysis is as follows: China stamping die enterprises technology and equipment is higher than Australia. At present, four major automobile die enterprises have 56 sets of CNC milling machine, in which 35 sets of large, high-speed milling 5 (of which 20,000 rpm spindle rev / min 2 sets). Taiwan has 143 computer workstations, equipped with 200 sets of various software, as well as molding analysis software and reverse engineering software, 8 sets. 5 large coordinate measuring machines, commissioning 30 presses (1600 tons, 1400 tons, 1300 tons, 800 tons, 600 tons), 16 spotting presses, cranes and more than 15 tons to 30 tons, which far exceeds the Australian equipment level.

China has a complete die design and manufacture of technical staff and programmers, skilled workers, CNC machine operator, fitter assembly and mold commissioning. China’s labor wage levels lower than in Australia, now with the car stamping die manufacturing capabilities, production capacity of more than 200 sets of manufacturing in the years to 400 sets of large and medium sized stamping dies, and business equipment load is not high, fully capable of manufacturing molds for Australia.

Australian automotive die design and manufacture of software used mostly ug, pro-e, catia and euclid, mold companies in China with the same software, can be shared, cae analysis software and simulation analysis software has a similar shape. Foreign Cooperation for us this has provided good conditions.

Die Association of Australia, Adelaide mode to do, all the Chinese Association of Melbourne mold and die manufacturing market place great hope. China’s exports to Australia which will create favorable conditions for mold.

Singapore is only 300 million people of a small country in the 80 to 90 years, government attention and support the development of precision molds, the introduction of many policies, the rapid growth of mold industry, and promote Singapore’s rapid economic development. Singapore has various types of molds and precision machining related businesses more than 1,000 more than die over 4.5 billion yuan in output value, the mold industry in Asia has a very important influence and role. Die enterprises have listed more than 10. More than 65% of Singapore’s mold production for electronic-related industries are supporting the production of mold is not large, but they are high- precision, high levels of mold. Singapore enterprises are mainly concentrated in the semiconductor die framework / packaging molds, metal stamping die, plastic mold, silicone rubber mold and other fields.

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