Wall Thickness

  • Maintain a uniform wall thickness throughout your parts design
  • Thick wall design is prone to warp or other cosmetic issues
  • 10% Increase in wall thickness will provide 33% more stiffness with most materials.
  • Thick wall areas can sink, warp or contain voids resulting in undesired defects.
  • Using ribs can help to reduce thick wall sections while still giving the part strength.

Check with the material supplier before designing your part.

General Material Wall Thickness

  ABS 0.045 – 0.140
  Acetal 0.030 – 0.120
  Acrylic 0.025 – 0.500
  Liquid crystal polymer 0.030 – 0.120
  Long-fiber reinforced plastics 0.075 – 1.000
  Nylon 0.030 – 0.115
  Polycarbonate 0.040 – 0.150
  Polyester 0.025 – 0.125
  Polyethylene 0.030 – 0.200
  Polyphenylene sulfide 0.020 – 0.180
  Polypropylene 0.025 – 0.150
  Polystyrene 0.035 – 0.150
  Polyurethane 0.080 – 0.750


Need More Support?

At Xcentric our aim is to give the design engineer all the tools needed to make a fast educated decision.  That is why we have assigned a technical team to all of our accounts.  Furthermore, we believe that the fastest way to market is by preventing issues early on in the process.  Here are some key points that set us apart from other injection molding companies.

  • Online quote system – Our Online quote system gives our customers instant access to a technical team.  Your team is made up of a tool engineer and a sales rep.  Once a quote is submitted online, you will have a response within 24 hours.  In addition to that, your quote will be managed through our customer portal.
  • Customer Portal – Our online customer portal gives you 24-7 access to Xcentric from anywhere in the world.  In the portal you can;
    • Submit quotes
    • View and interact with a live interactive quote.
    • Purchase Tooling and Parts.
    • Instantly Re-order parts.
    • View history details such as invoices and Purchase Orders
    • Initiate Engineer Changes
    • Organize Parts by type.
    • Update and manage Account Information
    • And many more.  We are always adding features to support our customers needs
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