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Leafly Mould Co., Ltd.
Add: Building 47, No.99, Xinda Rd., Jiashan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Tel: 86-21-31255040
Fax: 86-21-31255040
E-mail: info@leaflymould.com
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Leafly Mould is a professional manufacturer of injection mold, injection molding, die casting mold, die casting, stamping mold and stamping. We also offer the capacity to do part designing, packaging and end-product assembly for customers. Our molded products are widely applied to the fields of auto accessories, plastic toy, medical instrument, electronic communication, household cleaning tool and so on. We have eighty percent of products exported to North America, European, and Middle East countries. The company culture we stick to is to make qualified products, and provide qualified services.

Leafly Mould with its factory located in Shanghai, China, which is the financial center and also the most popular city of the country, has been engaged in plastic injection mold, die casting mold, stamping mold, and their molding parts for over seven years. We provide high capacity, fast turnaround production of molded plastic parts, metal parts and custom designed molds from our state-of-the-art injection molding facility. Our factory is equipped with a variety of machines including injection molding machines, CNC centers, EDM machines, machines of wire cutting, milling, grinding, lathe, high-speed punching and so on. With great power of the first-class facility, we offer the capacity to take your concept from initial prototype all the way through final decorating, assembly and packaging. To help speed part design, component design, databases can be electronically transferred between Leafly and customers, with Pro/ENGINEER, UG, Solidwork, and AutoCAD among the software formats supported. As our company culture states, we have strict Quality Control process. We deeply acknowledged how important the Quality means to a company. We arranged IQC, IPQC, and OQC in every process to keep an eye on the quality of products. We are pleased to hear advices from all customers regarding improving products' Quality and Services.

Leafly Mould will always be a company where customers deal with decision-makers. Growth is based on exceeding our customers' expectations.

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