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Leafly Mould is committed to delivering zero defects to every customer on every project. 
To make this happen, we follow a five-step quality assurance process based on the Inspection, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Track cycle.

•  All incoming raw material, in-process semi-products, and outgoing end products must be inspected before going to the next step. The products can run into the next step based on the inspection report saying “PASS”. The inspection report will also be included in the shipment for customers.
•  According to part drawings, our experienced QC team do the measuring in every required process, by all basic measuring tools, like slide caliper, thickness gauge, height gage, hardmeter etc., to ensure the part dimensions are all within the tolerance.
•  Every failed inspection report will be forwarded to our Quality Engineers. They will dig out the reason for every failed case, and fill the Analyze Report.
•  As per Analyze Report, the responsible department bring out the Improve Report.
•  Quality Engineers keep tracking on the whole improving process, and take the record.

In addition, for injection mold fabrication, we stress on predicting the warpage problem of plastic products. Before arranging the mold layout, our tool shop engineers must evaluate the part geometry first, choose the best cooling system, then start the mold design accordingly.
Leafly Mould is pleased to hear advices from all customers regarding improving products’ Quality and Services.

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